Technology Support Specialist

A Technology Operational Support Specialist manages various technologies in the operations, through the specific activities, aligned to the organization’s overall objectives and the specific operational goals. This certification helps the candidate to learn about the activities in technology operations and contribute to the organization better. This certification is a part of the SimpleITSM portfolio.

Who should attend?

This certification is most suited for: Operations Analysts, Support Engineers,​ Database /Data Support Specialist, ​Hardware Support Engineer, ​Software/ Application Support Engineer, Server Administrator, ​System Admin, IT Infra Management & Operational Support IT Infra Management & Operational Support, Operations support associate, Technical Support

What is SimpleITSM®?

SimpleITSM® is the guideline for delivering technology solutions through activities. This guideline, along with the certification, is focused on employees performing at their best.


  1. Improved operational performance and better service quality
  2. Improved Customer satisfaction (CSAT) in operations
  3. Motivated employees
  4. Clear understanding of Technical Operational Activities
  5. Better measurements and quicker corrective actions
  6. Improved response system



Preferred: A basic familiarity with modern technologies

Examination Process

  1. Book Exam:
  2. Examination cost: $ 50 
  3. Use voucher to take the online exam any time
  5. Download certificate
  6. Highlight on social media. 
  7. Inform HR


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Acknowledgement : SimpleITSM® is a registered mark of the SimpleITSM.