Service Integration and Management (SIAM™) Foundation

The Service Integration and Management (SIAM) method optimises organizations’ service delivery – chiefly by addressing the fragmentation that results from outsourcing IT services to multiple suppliers.

SIAM certified professionals are recognized for their ability to help an organization integrate all its service providers into a single, unified eco-system.

For Whom

SIAM Foundation is ideal for professionals seeking a highly recognized service management certification – emphasising skills in multi-sourcing and service delivery optimisation. Suitable roles include :

Chief Strategy Officers (CSOs), Chief Information Officers (CIOs), Chief Technical Officers (CTOs), Service Managers, Service Provider Portfolio Strategists/Leads, Process Managers, Project Managers, Change Managers, Service Level Managers, Supplier Managers, Service and Process Architects


  1.   Improve communication between teams – both in-house and outsourced
  2.   Give assurance that suppliers will provide exceptional service, beyond just their contractual obligations.
  3.   Harmonise the relationship and collaboration between outsourced service providers.
  4.   Deliver optimal insight into supplier activity, services and costs.
  5.   Augment an organization with greater flexibility and faster response to business needs.
  6.   Ensure clients receive the best possible service by establishing an aligned and enhanced service provider network.


Before the course, we recommend you have good knowledge of IT Service Management. Don’t worry – we’ll discuss your technical background, experience and qualifications to determine whether this accelerated course suits you.


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