AWS Certified Database – Specialty

The AWS Certified Database – Specialty certification focuses on deep concepts of databases and their critical aspects such as designing, security, configuration, deployment, migration, monitoring, automation, and troubleshooting. This certification is for experienced database developers to achieve a badge of excellence in AWS database development.

For Whom

AWS Certified Database – Specialty is intended for individuals with experience and expertise working with on-premises and AWS Cloud-based relational and non-relational databases. Before you take this exam, we recommend you have:

  1. Five years of experience with common database technologies
  2. Two years of hands-on experience and expertise working with on-premises and AWS Cloud-based relational and NoSQL databases
  3. Ability to understand and differentiate the key features of AWS database services
  4. Ability to analyze needs and requirements to design and recommend appropriate database solutions by using AWS service


AWS recommends having multiple years of experience with AWS and Database technologies (relational and non-relationa) prior to taking this certification. There are no pre-requisites for this certification. However, it will great idea to complete one of the another Associate level certifications, such as AWS Solution Architect Associate or AWS Developer Associate, before taking this exam. The Database Specialty certification assumes a good knowledge of the foundational services on AWS.

By the end of this course, you will learn

  1. The purpose of each of the AWS Database services
  2. The primary aspects of databases including design, migration, deployment, maintenance, security, monitoring, and disaster recovery
  3. To Automate and orchestrate databases using the GUI and command-line interface
  4. About various databases, including the Relational databases (RDS), in-memory databases (ElastiCache), key-value (NoSQL) databases (DynamoDB), Document databases (DocumentDB), graph databases (Neptune), time series databases (Timestream), and ledger databases (QLDB)
  5. The Database Management Systems (DBMS)
  6. Database access / Query language (SQL) and more.

What does it take to earn this certification?

To earn this certification, you’ll need to take and pass the AWS Certified Developer – Associate exam. (DVA-C01). The exam features a combination of two question formats: multiple choice and multiple responses. Additional information, such as the exam content outline and passing score, is in the exam guide.

Duration  :

This is a three days course syllabus and is a Online/classroom based instructor-led one.



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