Building A High Growth Startup

Capital, Product and Marketing are the three key pillars through which a startup can become a sustainable company in the long run. Many startups end up focusing only on one or, at most, two of these pillars, which negatively affects them sooner or later. According to Forbes, around 90% of start-ups are unsuccessful. Can you be an exception? Can you be amongst the 10% of successful start-ups? Yes, you can.

Building a high growth startup is a program exclusively designed to teach the Corporate Management disciplines that help increase the chances of success of your start-up. The program initially focuses on start-ups having the correct products and services to be offered to the market, thereby avoiding the market adaptation problems. Once products or services have been correctly adjusted to clients’ needs and requirements, efficient marketing techniques for the re-defined products or services are taught, so as to guarantee the flow of revenue.

During this course, we will explain how to use different Corporate Management disciplines to improve your Management Team and avoid the principal errors made by start-ups that fail. These techniques are based upon extensive experience of entrepreneurs, start-up mentors and private investors.


  1.  Anticipate and proactively manage the principal problems faced by start-ups.
  2.  Re-design their business strategy in the event that their product is not sufficiently adapted to the market.
  3.  Control the key financial parameters, i.e. the Costs of Acquiring the Customer and the Lifetime Value of that Customer, so that revenue and profitability growth is guaranteed.
  4.  Develop the abilities required to sell big opportunities and close big deals in Business to Business environments.
  5. Efficient cost management without losing traction or your position against competitors
  6. Evolve their Management Team by applying Corporate Management disciplines.


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