Minitab For Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a methodology of quality improvement that uses data and statistical analysis to identify defects and improve processes. The mini-tab software is used to help identify problems and potential improvements in a process. It can also be used to help track progress and verify results. Minitab also helps in several ways:

  • You can utilize Minitab’s functions for the DMAIC (Define Measure, Analyze and Improve, Control) roadmap.
  • Reduce the usage of equations for data analysis explanations.
  • Maximize the knowledge of Minitab’s outputs for data analysis. You will learn about the Minitab screens utilized to create graphs, perform data analysis, and improve presentation displays.

For Whom

Students, Engineers and Professionals, IT Professionals in Operations and Projects, Quality and Process Managers, Engineers and Executives who need to have a better understanding of Six Sigma and the application of Lean Six Sigma in process / quality improvements., Production Managers, Production Supervisors and Customer Service Managers, Consultants who want to incorporate Six Sigma or the Lean Principles,Financial/business analystm Manufacturing process engineer, Continuous improvement managers.


This is used for data analysis and quality improvement. It is a powerful tool that can be used to improve process capability, identify root cause analysis, and conduct designed experiments.

  1. Easy to Use and Learn
  2. Robust Statistical Analysis Capabilities
  3. Ability to Handle Large Data Sets
  4. Comprehensive Data Visualization Options
  5. Flexible Reporting and Export Options.


Yellow belt /Green Belt / Basic statistics primer or understanding of basic statistics. Basic college-level algebra is helpful to understand statistical concepts


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