Entrepreneurial Strategies

Strategy is the primary building block of competitive distinctiveness and advantage. As an organizational process, this encompasses a range of activities in which firms engage to establish and sustain a competitive advantage. Compared to established firms, entrepreneurial firms may face many challenges that diminish their likelihood of success and survival.

At some point in their journey every entrepreneur faces the critical challenge of the decision of choice. Entrepreneurs, by their very nature, having limited resources and are not restricted or constrained by prior commitments. Further the interplay between uncertainty and entrepreneurial learning has the consequence that commitment-free analysis yields multiple, equally viable alternatives from which one must be chosen. Because entrepreneurs face many alternatives that cannot be pursued at once, they must master the art of deciding how to explore alternate entrepreneurial strategy options for commercializing their idea into a successful and fruitful venture.


  1. Turn a breakthrough idea, invention into a high growth venture.
  2. Enhance strategic thinking and entrepreneurial acumen
  3. Build a winning entrepreneurial enterprise
  4. Enhance intellectual teamwork and team creativity
  5. Asses entrepreneurial competencies of the core team and individuals
  6. Strengthen the business model
  7. Enhance enterprise wide entrepreneurial skills


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