ISO® 22301 Lead Auditor

BCM 5000: SO 22301 Lead Auditor Training is a 5-day instructor-led course. The course is constructed around a case study and each activity is applied to the case study as we move through the course. There are more than 25 auditing activities as well as multi-media that provide practice applying and gain in an understanding of the requirements of ISO 22301 and BCMS auditing practices. Also included are small “quizzes” taken during the course after each section. The purpose of the quizzes is to help attendees measure what they know and what requires further study.

For Whom

CEO’s, Organization Heads, Operation Heads and Quality Heads. The course audience also includes those with auditing experience who are interested in adding the auditing of BCM Systems (BCMS) to their audit capabilities for conducting internal and/or external audits as well as BCM professionals who wish to add auditing competence to their skill sets.


After completing this course, you will be able to learn :

  1. Qualified ISO 22301 lead auditor expertise in your organization
  2. Be able to protect and recover critical business systems during disruption
  3. The scope, concepts and requirements ISO 22301
  4. Confidence planning and leading an ISO 22301 audit
  5. Prepare for the unexpected effectively by maintaining ISO 22301 compliance
  6. Manage auditing teams and improve analyzing and reporting skills Stay up-to-date with business continuity best practice
  7. Build customer confidence through commitment to business continuity


  1. ISO 22301 Foundation Certification or basic knowledge of ISO 27031 or BS 25999 and business continuity concepts is recommended.


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