Open Source Consulting

Open Source software for enterprises are an essential way to manage tough budgets for the reduction of costs. When businesses turn to open source software, they free themselves from the severe vendor lock-in that can afflict users of proprietary packages. Customers of such vendors are at the mercy of the vendor’s vision, requirements, dictates, prices, priorities and timetable, and that limits what they can do with the products they’repaying for. Business users can take a piece of open source software and tweak it to suit their needs. If our Clients are considering using open source software, it will typically cost you nothing to try it out first. We will also use the Open Source to specifically determine the practical “needs”, before we buy another COTS (Commercial Of-The Shelf Software).

At 4P we have the capabilities to evaluate, customize, configure and deploy a wide-range of software for Service Management, Virualization, Cloud, ERP, CRM and Operating Systems.