Data Science

This is a complete Data Science specialization training course from 4PA that provides you detailed learning in data science, data analytics, project life cycle, data acquisition, analysis, statistical methods and machine learning. You will gain expertise to deploy Recommenders using Apache Mahout, data analysis, data transformation, experimentation and evaluation. Data Science Course equips with all the latest technologies in Big Data, analytics, and R programming. Thus you can easily take your career to the next level after completion of this Data Science Course.

For Whom

Anybody who wants to become a master in Data Science and Data Analytics in R Programming.

  1.  Business Analysts who want to learn Machine Learning
  2.  Data Analysts who wants to improve their skills.
  3.  Developers aspiring to become Data Scientists.
  4.  Fresher’s / Experienced Professional, Managers, IT professional


After completing this course, you will be able to learn :

  1.  Learn Data Science in real world, Project Life cycle, and Data Acquisition & Understand Machine Learning Algorithms & Study the tools and techniques of Experimentation, Evaluation  and Project Deployment
  2.  Learn the concept of Prediction and Analysis Segmentation through Clustering & Learn the basics of Big Data and ways to integrate R with Hadoop
  3.  Get trained about the roles and responsibilities of a Data Scientist & Explore steps to install IMPALA
  4.  Learn projects on Data science, analytics and Recommender Systems & Work on data mining, data structures, data manipulation.


 There are no particular prerequisites for this Training Course. If you love mathematics, it is helpful to learn Data Science.

Duration :

This is a five days course syllabus and is a classroom-based instructor-led one.
Language: English

Course Outline / Content  :

The following Modules are included in this course :

  1.  Unsupervised learning
  2.  Association Analysis and Recommendation engine
  3.  Sentiment Analysis
  4.  Time Series
  5.  Data Science Projects
  6.  Case Study


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