Security Assessment

Information Security has become extremely crucial to organizations, as their reliance on IT had grown. Sometimes, the leakage of Information  may be affect the survival of the Organization; other times, seriously damaging the reputation of self & clients. Therefore, Organization find themselves rev-visiting the Security postures on a periodic basis.

At 4P we provide a comprehensive evaluation of the security aspects of our client, Understanding the current security state, leading to the next steps of securing your sensitive data and meeting regulatory & compliance requirements.

Our activities include :

  1.  Understanding of client’s information security risks
  2.  Identifying the vulnerabilities on the client infrastructure
  3.  Creating awareness of information security risks
  4.  Analysis and provisioning of information leading to knowledge-based decision-making (and no guess=work)
  5.  Creating actionable plan to improve overall.
  6.  Enabling pro-Active alerts of security issues before they are exploited by un-scrupulous elements
  7.  Enabling the Compliance to regulations, laws and standards by Design, not by chance.
  8.  Ensuring methodologies for Physical Security, vulnerability assessments, Penetration Testing etc. and closure of security holes quickly.

At 4P we follow the Industry best practices (based on Deming’s PDCA), to deliver the goals, consistently, with limited internal resources,  through Plan, Implement, Evaluate, Maintain and Control.