Problem Analyst

Problem Analysts teaches you how to prevent problems and resulting incidents from happening. When incidents are resolved, information about the resolution is recorded. Over time, this information is used to speed up the resolution time and identify permanent solutions, reducing the number and resolution time of incidents. This results in less downtime and less disruption to business critical systems.

For Whom

People with the role of problem analyst within a service management environment. It is also relevant to other key staff involved either directly or indirectly with problem management activities. This includes but is not limited to service desk and incident analysts, change analysts, IT technical support areas (availability, capacity and IT service continuity), other service management personnel and business and user representatives.


  1.  The purpose, value and positioning of problem management within an IT service management environment.
  2.  The main interfaces between the problem analyst and other process areas within IT service management and how the impact of problems for a variety of   service components can be reduced.
  3.  How to identify and describe the key activities that are contained in the problem management process.
  4.  The concept of problem solving techniques and their application to a given scenarios.
  5.  How to apply the main concepts of root cause analysis and the maintenance of known errors and problem records.
  6.  Identifying people involved within problem management and be able to translate the type of involvement into a RACI matrix.
  7.  Identifying different channels of communication and determine their applicability for given scenarios.
  8.  How problem management controls and




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