The VeriSM™ Foundation course provides candidates with skills required to understand how an organisation should respond to the challenges of service management in the digital age and how individuals can participate in a service organization to deliver value to the consumer. In addition, this course teaches candidates how to create a service management model in which all of the organisations capabilities and responsibilities are deployed in the delivery of superior service. The VeriSM Foundation course further shows candidates how to fit their current, effective ways of working into an overall organizational context and to meet different service management situations.

For Whom

The course is designed for all professionals and organisations involved in delivering value to customers through the development, delivery, operation and or promotion of services. And Executives, Managers, Service Owners and Managers, IT Professionals, Graduates etc. can also do this program.


Individual Benefits

  1.  Opportunity to stand out in the marketplace
  2.  Demonstrator of commitment to Service Management training
  3.  Increases the value of the individual within their organisation
  4.  Ability to implement the VeriSM™ model and concepts within their business
  5.  Understand the needs of the consumer and business, hence capable of delivering value
  6.  Enhances employment prospects
  7.  Flexible to individuals within all organisational roles, from IT to Marketing

Business Benefits

  1.  Allows businesses to deliver services and products that meet customer demand
  2.  Enables businesses to keep up with ever-growing technological developments
  3.  Adaptable to the entire organisation – not restricted to just one area
  4.  Assists business in determining their Service Management principles
  5.  Allows businesses to succeed in the sphere of digital transformation
  6.  Permits organisations to adopt a VeriSM™ attitude
  7.  Reduces cost expenditure


Attendance of an instructor-led VeriSM Foundation course is strongly recommended

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