Fire Assessment, Fire Safety, and Fire Fighting

Safety First provides Consultancy Services and Training to organizations and individuals to prepare for an emergency before it strikes. We have customized service offerings as per the industry and organizational requirements. Our approach ensures that participant practices the scenario and retains the knowledge that would be used in event of an emergency. Our primary objective is to build a Safety Culture in your


We propose to provide Consultancy Services for Fire Safety Assessment and to facilitate and prepare a Fire Safety Plan for XYZ Organization’s premises. We would provide Fire Fighting training to the identified staff for response in event of a fire and design evacuation of the occupants. We will also pilot a Mock Drill for you as we believe that an Evacuation Plan cannot be considered reliable until it has been exercised. We would do periodical reviews and mock drills and have a long-term relationship with your organization


  • Assess premises for fire safety
  • Guide the organization to have required fire safety precautionary, preventive, and response measures in place
  • Trained staff to reduce the impact of untoward incident
  • Conduct Evacuation Mock Drill to build courage and confidence in employees for safe evacuation during any untoward incident
  • Make employees and concerned authorities aware of the responsibilities and procedures to be followed in event of an actual Emergency
  • Develop IEC material for retention of knowledge
  • Build a safety culture in the

Scope of Services:

Fire Safety Assessment:

  1. Assess premises for Hazards, Vulnerability & Risk Analysis
  2. Recommend fire prevention and detection solution

Survey of the premises to identify and review Evacuation requirements such as:

  1. Emergency Exits
  2. Signage
  3. Safe Assembly Point
  4. Fire alarm System
  5. Addressing System
  • Assist in identifying members for Emergency Response Team (ERT)
  • Prepare Fire Evacuation Plan
  • Prepare Standard Operating Procedures on what needs to be done during an Evacuation
  • Prepare basic Do’s and Don’ts about Evacuation
  • Conduct coordination meetings with ERT
  • Conduct Fire Fighting Training for ERT
  • Educate and train employees on how to react during an Emergency
  • Pilot a Mock Drill in a live environment with the help of ERT
  • Submit a report of Evacuation Mock Drill

Work reliance:

  • The organization will share information and data pertaining to current safety policies, guidelines, procedures, and safety & security systems installed on the premises
  • The management will give full participation in formation of Evacuation Plan
  • Minimum one member of the management should be a member of ERT
  • The management will facilitate to conduct the Mock Drill in live environment


The following services are excluded from current scope of work:

  1. Prepare Signage and Evacuation Layout (on CAD) of the premises
  2. Execution services to design, install, repair or replace any Safety and Security Systems
  3. Consultancy services for occupational health and safety

Above mentioned services can be provided by Safety First on your request and on separate commercial arrangement.


The fees for services mentioned would be as follows

Sr. No. Services Duration Fees
1 Fire Safety Assessment Based on Organization’s physical infrastructure and staff strength
2 Preparation of Fire Safety Plan, Fire and staff strength Evacuation Plan, team training & mock drill
3 Fire Fighting Training up to 16 participants Half Day
4 First Aid Training up to 16 participants One day
5 CPR Training up to 16 participants Half Day

This amount may be subject to re-negotiation or additional fees based upon changes to services, the scope of work, the schedule, or revisions to documents.
For site visit, all cost of air travel, food, accommodation, boarding and lodging and ground transportation and bookings of Safety First’s team members will be borne and done by the Client. The client is requested to provide food and accommodation of at least 4-star standards for stay required outside Mumbai.
Taxes and out-of-pocket expenses if any shall be extra at actuals.
Payments will 40% non-refundable advance, 40% on submission of Evacuation Plan and 20% on submission of Mock Drill Report.

I trust that you find that the proposal covers all areas as required by your organization and are outlined in the scope of service.

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