ISO® 22301 Internal Auditor

ISO 22301 successfully helps organizations to build resilience and develop the capability to continue business during unexpected disruptions. But this can be tough to achieve in fast-paced environments where uncertainty and change is commonplace. With its foundation in continuous improvement, the internal audit process ensures your organization consistently evaluates the framework to check that it is robust and applicable in crisis situations. Internal audits also help prepare for independent audits.

For Whom

This course has been designed for Business continuity managers and consultants, Management system auditors who want to audit to ISO 22301, Those who want to maintain ISO 22301 certification , Those who want to improve business continuity in their organization. By attending this course, you will qualify for stage 1 of our registered auditor qualification and gain 16 CPD points.


After completing this course, you will be able to learn :

  1. Business continuity managers and consultants
  2. Management system auditors who want to audit to ISO 22301
  3. maintain ISO 22301 certification and improve business continuity in their organization
  4. Qualified ISO 22301 internal auditors within your business
  5. Effective business continuity management during times of disruption


 1.  ISO 22301 Foundation Certification or basic knowledge of ISO 27031 or BS 25999 and business continuity concepts is recommended.


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