CompTIA ®Cloud+

The CompTIA Cloud+ certification is an internationally recognized validation of the knowledge required of IT practitioners working in cloud computing environments. The CompTIA Cloud+ exam will certify the successful candidate has the knowledge and skills required to understand standard cloud methodologies; to implement, maintain, and deliver cloud technologies (e.g., network, storage, and virtualization technologies); and to understand aspects of IT security and use industry best practices related to cloud implementations.

For Whom
This course is designed for professionals such as Project manager, Manager, Cloud Engineer, Business Analyst, Cloud Consultant, Technical Architect and for people who want to take the CompTIA Cloud + exam and obtain the certification.


  1. Demonstrate the knowledge and skills in five areas: configurations and deployment, security, maintenance, management, and troubleshooting.
  2. Individuals are tested on their ability to apply access control methods, as well as implement key automation and orchestration practices. Demonstrate the ability to anticipate and identify cyber threats to cloud technologies.
  3. Understand and gather knowledge on Cloud related terminologies, Different cloud computing strategies and IT security aspects and Best practices to implement in the cloud.
  4. Understands the application of different strategies depending on the situation, the aspects of IT security in cloud, and the best practices to implement in the cloud.


2-3 years in system administration is recommended


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