Emotional Intelligence

Being “academically smart” is not enough.  To reach your full potential, personally and professionally, you need Emotional Intelligence. The research indicates that IQ can help you to be successful to the extent of  30%  only in life.  The rest of 70 % success depends on your Emotional Quotient.

Emotional Intelligence is the capacity to recognize and effectively manage emotions in ourselves and others. Emotional intelligence increases our ability to stay energized at work, cope better with “present moment” demands whether with Seniors or peers, build relationships, increase optimism and helps us to use even so-called “negative”  emotions to enhance our efficiency.


The methodology will be participatory: “Neurobics”,  games, chart making, brainstorming, role plays, video clips and visualizations to deal with the typical frustrations that we face at work.

An alternation between left and right brain is used to sustain interest and involvement and keep participants energized.

The participatory and interactive methods are based on adult-learning. They enable the individual to internalize learning and apply it beyond the training environment.

The emphasis is not on information but rather on “ex-formation” which has a fair chance of aiding eventual transformation.

For Whom

For anyone wishing to live a more fulfilled and meaningful life but specifically for Executives and Students or anyone starting their career


  1.   Develop a great deal of self awareness about feelings and how to use even “negative” feelings to enhance your performance at work
  2.   Have a heightened sense of wellbeing & self-confidence which will support being focused on assignments at work
  3.   Develop attitudes that support staying energized
  4.   Stay enthusiastic and self- motivated
  5.   Increase personal productivity
  6.   Improve communication
  7.   Resolve conflict constructively
  8.   Reduce stress & worry
  9.   And more …


There are no pre-requisites required for attending this Course.


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