E-learning ITIL®Service Design




Service Design covers the fundamentals of designing services and processes. It provides a holistic design approach to help an organization deliver better services. The five key aspects of service design are: Designing the service solution,Management information systems and tools, Technology, Processes, Measurements and metrics.ITIL Service Design is relevant to organizations involved in the development, delivery or support of services, including: Service providers, both internal and external. Organizations that aim to improve services through the effective application of service management principles and a service lifecycle approach. The main purpose of service design is to plan and design IT services together with the governing IT practices, processes and policies to realize the service provider’s strategy, and to facilitate the introduction of these services into supportive environments ensuring quality service delivery, customer satisfaction and cost-effective service provision. There are 4 key principles which service design functions are based upon. People (stakeholders), Processes, Products (technology, tools, services), Partners (vendors, manufacturers). All these principles form the foundation for the 5 design aspects of service design.