Managerial Effectiveness

Welcome to the transition from an employee to the manager—an adjustment that, for many, takes time, mentoring, and training.  New managers often enter their roles with a wave of emotions, some are nervous while others are ecstatic. No manner of work experience can fully prepare you for what it means to be a manager, but there are plenty of things you can do to get to a position of being an effective manager. Thus, it is important to understand what are the key management skills that a manager must have in order to be able to step up to the position and make the best of it.

There are many challenges first-time managers face. Perhaps they struggle with delegating or communicating effectively with team members. … These are common challenges for first-time managers, and navigating them is critical not only for their own success but their team’s and their organization’s.

In this session, we will cover

  • Introduction to effective management skills for new and aspiring managers
  • How to transition from an individual contributor to a manager
  • What are the key skills or characteristics required to be an effective manager

For Whom

  • New managers or those who aspire to be managers.


  1. Qualities required for effective management for new managers
  2. Learn about key managerial skills- Communication, Leadership, Interpersonal, growth and performance management, strategic thinking, delegation
  3. Learn to transition from an individual contributor to a manager
  4. Learn key techniques to be an effective manager




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