Transition from ITIL® v3 /2011 to ITIL®4

ITIL has a global community of practitioners. The development of ITIL 4, was in order to create an update which would work better for everyone to integrate with several other best practices.

ITIL 4 will has a number of changes, including practical guidelines on shaping IT management strategies in a way that satisfies both business and IT requirements. AXELOS has identified DevOps, Agile and Lean as key points for integration with the new ITIL 4 framework.

The diagram below shows the new ITIL certification path for Version 4. As you can see, ITIL training will soon be more streamlined, making it easy for students to pursue ITIL certifications in areas which suit their needs. Existing practitioners will even be able to take the ‘Managing Professional (MP) Transition‘ module to update their ITIL certifications to Version 4.

OPTION 1 : Those who have already reached the level of ITIL Expert in V3, or have collected at least 17 ITIL credits, will have the option of taking the ITIL 4 Managing Professional (MP) Transition module once it is released. This will allow them to reach the level of ITIL Managing Professional (MP). After this, they will simply need to take the ITIL Leader Digital & Strategy module to also achieve the ITIL Strategic Leader (SL) designation. At this point, they will be eligible to start moving towards the level of ITIL Master.

OPTION 2 : Those who have collected at least six credits beyond ITIL Foundation are advised to continue their studies, simply because starting again from scratch will put their previous efforts to waste. It is worth pointing out that the Transition module will not be released until the second half of 2019, giving students plenty of time to collect the required number of V3 credits. ITIL V3 certifications will also still remain valid, even if students choose not to make the transition.

OPTION 3 : Those who have only achieved the existing Foundation certification, or have collected up to six additional credits, are advised to start again with ITIL 4. A good deal of new examinable material will be introduced with this version, even at Foundation level. As such, it will be better for them to restart their studies from scratch, ensuring that their knowledge is completely up to date and in line with the new curriculum.


Which one to choose between ITIL 2011 or ITIL4?