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It might be that your organization is implementing the standard, or is considering to do so. You may be a decision-maker, or a potential user. You might be an IT professional, an HR executive, or an accountant.

Whatever your background, the IT4IT standard is something you need to be aware of.

Why you Should Take This Course:

Released in Q4 2015, The Open Group’s IT4IT standard is a prescriptive reference architecture for managing the business of IT. Utilizing the value chain concept, the IT4IT standard supports the essential principle of running IT like a business.

Although this course does not itself lead to any formal qualification or accreditation, it will put you in good shape to consider engaging in Good e-Learning’s accredited IT4IT Foundation (level 1) training, available self-paced and online.

The Foundation course does lead to formal accreditation, and includes the exam voucher, practice tests and tutor support.


This course is designed to brief you on the IT4IT standard in as much detail as you deem appropriate.

Completing section one will give you a good idea of what the standard is, and why it is important. If you require more technical detail, you can continue to section two, which really gets into the nuts and bolts of the IT4IT reference architecture.

Section three offers a much closer look at the potential benefits of employing the IT4IT standard, and in section four you will have the opportunity to further investigate the benefits of the standard according to your role in the organization.

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Why use IT4IT?

The IT4IT Reference Architecture provides prescriptive guidance to design, source, and manage services in a business value chain-based framework called the IT Value Chain.

Quite simply, the IT4IT standard reduces cost, simplifies, and brings end-to-end traceability to your IT production. It enables IT management to work across the entire Value Chain in a better, faster, and cheaper way with less risk. It’s the obvious solution.

10 Reasons to Implement the IT4IT Standard

If you ever need to sell the benefits of the IT4IT Standard in under two minutes, you should consider mentioning one of the following 10 reasons to implement IT4IT within your organization:

  • More successful projects (or making it more likely that IT initiatives will realize their expected benefits).
  • Improved stewardship and control of IT Investments by linking investments in IT to business drivers and business benefits.
  • Improved selection and prioritization of projects and IT initiatives, highlighting those that provide the highest business value.
  • The faster delivery of fixes or patches to resolve production problems.
  • Reduced development and maintenance cost due to better control on customizations and configuration changes (for example, preventing the building of features that are not necessary or have a low business value).
  • Better quality of software due to improved communication and collaboration with business and other stakeholders, leading to…
  • …Improved customer experience and satisfaction.
  • Faster delivery of requested services with fewer errors (resulting in less rework and incidents).
  • Fewer unplanned/ad hoc activities or emergency changes.
  • Less need for users to call the service desk, and reduced support costs, by providing self-service and self-help capabilities to the user community.


This eLearning course covers the full case for a new prescriptive reference architecture and discusses in detail, the challenges faced by current IT management in the age of digital disruption.

At points during this IT4IT Awareness course, you will be asked questions that will help you retain your knowledge of the IT4IT standard, and to help you think about what you have learned, and how it might’ve changed the way you think about your work environment.

Knowledge checks appear at the end of each topic, and there is a comprehensive quiz at the end of the course.

Full Details of our IT4IT Awareness Course:

Browse the contents of this eLearning course by clicking on a module title below that you would like to know more about. Why not try a free trial module of our course before you buy!

Module 1: What’s the story?

    • Module One sets the scene by describing an unfolding age of digital disruption (DX), and goes on to sketch the current challenges faced by today’s IT management. The second half of the module then introduces the IT4IT standard and positions it as a response.  Welcome
    • Today’s landscape
    • What is IT management and the IT4IT standard?
    •   IT management challenges
    • An introduction to the IT4IT Reference Architecture
    •   Why use the IT4IT Reference Architecture?
    • Relationship with ITIL and other best practices and frameworks

Module 2: The IT4IT standard in detail

    • Module Two goes into the IT4IT standard in much more detail. Starting with an in-depth study of the IT Value Chain, the module looks closely at each of the IT Value Streams in turn, before turning its attention to the IT4IT Reference Architecture. The IT Value Chain
    •  The IT Value Streams
    •  Strategy to portfolio (S2P) in detail
    •  Requirement to deploy (R2D) in detail
    •  Request to fulfill (R2F) in detail
    •  Detect to correct (D2C) in detail
    • The IT4IT Reference Architecture in detail

Module 3: The benefits of using the IT4IT standard

    • This third module describes in detail the value and benefits that the IT4IT standard brings to the IT organization and its business, in particular the benefits that can be achieved by implementing the IT4IT Value Streams and the IT4IT Reference Architecture.  The benefits of using the IT4IT standard
    • The benefits of each IT Value Stream
    • S2P: the benefits
    • R2D: the benefits
    • R2F: the benefits
    •  D2C: the benefits
    • The supporting activities: the benefits

Module 4: The IT4IT benefits per stakeholder

  • This, the final module, provides a brief overview of the benefits grouped by stakeholder. The benefits of having an IT4IT standard can relate to the different groups taking part. The specific benefits are identified per involved party. Benefits per stakeholder
  •  The business user
  • The IT organization
  • The IT4IT organization
  • The IT service provider
  •  The IT management software vendor

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Finally there are five multiple choice questions to help you retain the knowledge and check your understanding.

The full IT4IT Awareness course comprises four modules, each consisting of six sections, and over one hundred multiple choice questions.

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