Exam Pledge from 4P Advisory Services

At 4PA, we’re dedicated to ensuring success. That’s why we offer Exam Pledge which entitles students to an exam retake on any eligible course.

What is the format of my exam resit?

Resits are taken for classroom training. For more information about classroom exams.

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Phone No: +91-93215 91380 / 8080607028

Email ID: info@4pa.in

How do I get my 2nd exam voucher?

You will need the take2 option separately along with the purchase of the voucher( Rs.4000/- + 18%GST) 
contact our support team 

Exam pledge conditions

As long as you have completed the course in full and have scored at least 95% on the exam simulator, you will be eligible for Exam Pledge. Exam Pledge is only available for courses purchased on or after 01/10/2019 and cannot be used for anyone sitting an exam for the third time. The course must be purchased directly through www.4pa.in and must have a valid order number.