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Learning Lean Poster – What is Lean Six Sigma?

In our latest Lean Six Sigma poster, we take a look at the foundations of business improvement methodology and explain exactly what Lean Six Sigma is. Download today!

Learning Lean Poster – Process Performance Management and Balanced Scorecard

For an organization to become Lean, good performance measurement is crucial. In this Lean poster we look at the reasons, benefits and examples of performance measurement.

Learning Lean Poster – Hoshin Kanri

In this Lean poster we focus on Hoshin Kanri, (Direction Management in Japanese), a strategic management tool, often used in Lean, that helps keep the organization focused in the right direction.

Learning Lean Poster – Pareto Analysis

In this Lean poster we focus on the key principles of the Pareto Chart, a very important tool in Lean which is designed to focus efforts on the problems that offer the greatest potential for improvement.

Learning Lean Poster – Pull Scheduling: Just In Time

An important part of the Lean production system is the Pull System. In this Lean resource we focus on its key principles and illustrate it with real-life examples.

Learning Lean Poster – Poka Yoke

In this Lean poster we focus on Poka Yoke, or ‘mistake-proofing’ in Japanese, a mechanism that helps to avoid mistakes, and we explain it’s importance.

Lean Lingo Explained – An Interactive Guide

Lean is a management philosophy, derived from the Toyota Production System. This interactive guide gives a definition of some of the most commonly used Japanese Lean jargon.

Learning Lean Poster- Kanban

In this Lean resource we focus on the rules and purpose of Kanban, and we will have a look at some of the more common types of Kanban in Lean.

Learning Lean Poster – How to Build a Value Stream Map

In this Lean poster we focus on Value Stream Map, a technique used to analyze and design the flow of materials and information required to bring a product or service to a consumer.

Learning Lean Poster – Lean Project Charter

There should always be a valid reason to start a Lean improvement project. In this Lean resource we focus on how to create a Lean Project Charter.

Learning Lean Poster – The Spaghetti Diagram

In this Lean poster we focus on the Spaghetti Diagram, a key Lean communication tool to depict the flow of material, people and information through a process in a diagrammatic form.

Learning Lean Poster – Scoping a process with SIPOC and IGOE

In this Guide to learning Lean poster, we focus on how you can create a SIPOC (Supplier, Input, Process, Output, Customer) and IGOE (Input, Guide, Output, Enabler) diagram.

Learning Lean Poster  – Stakeholder Analysis

In this Lean poster we focus on Stakeholder Analysis, a technique used to identify and assess people who are affected by and have a stake in the process.

Learning Lean Poster  – Visual Management

In this Lean poster we focus on Visual Management, a key Lean communication tool that keeps information flowing between Lean management and employees.

Learning Lean Poster  – The Voice of the Customer

In this Lean poster, we look at Voice Of the Customer (VOC), a process used to capture and understand customer requirements by way of SIPOC, Point of Use Observation, Focus Groups, Kano and House of Quality.

Learning Lean Poster  – Lean Flowcharts

In this learning Lean poster, we focus on flowcharts which are used in Lean to analyze, design, document and manage a process.

Lean Day-In-Life-Of (DILO) Study – An Interactive Guide

In this interactive Lean resource, we focus on the benefits of value adding and non-value adding activities, provide a DILO template and explain how to perform a DILO.

Learning Lean Poster  – Types of Lean Waste

A key concept in Lean is waste or muda. In this Lean poster we focus on the eight types of Lean waste – from transport to un-utilized people – and on how waste can be analyzed.

Learning Lean Poster – How to Create an Ishikawa Diagram

In this Lean poster we explain and give tips on how you can create an Ishikawa Diagram which is designed to help you identify potential causes of problems, and discover root causes.

Learning Lean Poster  – How to Analyze a RACI Matrix

A RACI Matrix is a Responsibility Assignment Chart (RAM), indicating the participation of various roles in a process. In this Lean poster we explain how you can create and analyze a RACI Matrix.

Learning Lean Poster  – Process Flow Risks

In this poster, we’ll cover all the risks associated with process flow whether it be issues with suppliers, customers, layout issues or because of fragile processes.

Setting-up and Maintaining a Lean Workplace with 5S

In this interactive Lean Resource we explain how the Lean 5S technique can help you to organize, order and standardize your workplace; the foundation of every Lean implementation.