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 ITIL Poster – Elements of an Information Security Management System

In this poster we look at how the Information Security Management (ISM) process ensures that all security aspects are considered and managed throughout the service lifecycle through the information security management system.

The Contents of the ITIL Service Design Package

In this article, we explain what should be included in the ITIL Service Design package (SDP) as well as showing you the ideal contents of an SDP.

Learning ITIL Poster – ITIL Supplier Categorization

Service providers rely on external suppliers to provide elements of the service provided to the business. Failure of a supplier to deliver may mean that the service provider fails to achieve the service level targets agreed with the business. In this article we examine the concept of supplier categorization.

Learning ITIL Poster – ITIL Sourcing Structures

Sourcing is about deciding on the best combination of supplier types to support the objectives of the organization. In this ITIL learning poster we discuss the main sourcing options.

ITIL Service Level Management RACI Guide

The purpose of the Service Level Management process is to ensure that all current and planned IT services are delivered to agreed achievable targets. This ITIL guide looks at the generic tasks and roles involved in SLM, and can be expanded and adapted to suit your own organization

ITIL Availability Metrics: Expanded Incident Lifecycle – An Interactive Guide

Availability management has a close relationship with the operational processes of incident and problem management. In this interactive guide, we explore the expanded incident lifecycle (one incident followed by another) to understand the metrics required to manage service outage more effectively.

ITIL SLA Structures – An Interactive Guide

In order to manage service level agreements (SLAs) successfully in an organization, the service provider needs to be able to manage the SLAs with the customers in an efficient and effective manner. One way of achieving this is to group services into specific service level structures.

ITIL Capacity Management Sub-Processes – An Interactive Guide

Capacity management is an extremely technical, complex and demanding process, and in order to achieve results, it requires three supporting sub-processes: business capacity management, service capacity management and component capacity management. In this ITIL interactive guide we take a look at the 3 major sub-processes in capacity management.

Learning ITIL Poster – SLA/OLA/UC

This ITIL poster shows the relationships between SLA / OLA and UC including everything that goes on behind the scenes, and everything that is managed by the service provider to ensure that the SLA is achieved.

Learning ITIL Poster  – Design Driven by Constraints

All organizations that undertake the design of solutions will be limited by the constraints of the organization. In this download, we show the potential impact of these on solution design.

Learning ITIL Poster – Types of Service Catalogue

This poster shows you the various views that may be used for a service catalog, and how the service catalog may be used in a variety of organizational structures.

Learning ITIL Poster – The Five Aspects of Service Design

In this learning ITIL Poster, we remind you of the 5 key aspects of service design which form an important part of the structure of the service lifecycle.

The 4 P’s of ITIL – An Interactive Guide

In this handy interactive guide, we’ll look at the implementation of IT Service Management and Service Design with regards to planning the effective use of the 4 P’s.

Learning ITIL Poster  – BRM and SLM

Business Relationship Management (BRM) and Service Level Management (SLM) both involve regular interaction with customers and rely heavily on service quality management.

Learning ITIL Poster  – The 4 P’s

In the first of our ‘Learning ITIL’ poster series, we’ll cover preparing and planning the effective use of the 4 P’s (People, Products, Processes & Partners).