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COBIT5® Foundation

Managing Change Enablement with COBIT5 – An Interactive Guide

GEIT implementation primarily focuses on improvement and implementing the appropriate change in the right way. Although this is important, the enterprises should not forget about the human viewpoint of the change. Therefore, this COBIT 5 interactive guide focuses on how to manage change enablement within the enterprise.

Learning COBIT5 Poster- COBIT 5 in Numbers

COBIT 5’s intent is to guide enterprises with governance and management of IT. This COBIT 5 poster presents the feedback from users from around the world about the use of COBIT 5 and its impact on IT governance.

What is Inside COBIT5 Enabling Information? – An Interactive Guide

The COBIT 5 framework includes a family of products. COBIT 5 Enabling Information represents one of the COBIT 5 Enabler Guides and serves as a reference guide for structured thinking about information and typical information governance and management issues. This interactive resource focuses on this guide and its contents.

What is Inside COBIT5 Implementation – An Interactive Guide

COBIT Implementation represents one of COBIT 5 Professional Guides, that provides a practice approach for implementing Governance and management of Enterprise IT. This presentation focuses on this guide and its contents.

COBIT5 is a Family – An Interactive Guide

COBIT 5 is intended to help organizations achieve efficient and effective governance by offering a family of products. This presentation is aimed at introducing those products.

ISO/IEC/IEEE 42010 – The architectural foundation behind TOGAF

This interactive guide introduces ISO 42010 and how it is reused by TOGAF.