PostgreSQL Administration

In this course you will learn the details of essential PostgreSQL Administration tasks including: the overall PostgreSQL architecture, configuration, maintenance, monitoring, backups, recovery, and moving data. The PostgreSQL administration covers the most important PostgreSQL database server administration activities. This training will help you to know, how to manage databases in PostgreSQL including creating databases, modifying existing database’s features and deleting databases. In addition, the schema managementis covered.

For Whom
This course is designed for Linux/Unix system administrator, Familiar with Database, want to understand Postgre better and training is intended for IT Professionals who want to administer and maintain PostgreSQL. It is also meant for those who want to enhance their Postgres administration skill to the next level. No prior knowledge of PostgreSQL is required to attend this training.


1  Learn how to Compile source code, Perform backup and disaster recovery, Work with inheritance, Partitioning, and Tablespaces

2  Learn how to Manage free space, Secure PostgreSQL, Create high availability and high performance solutions

3  Explore data at multiple levels, Work with PostgreSQL functions, Create your own functions, Program with PL/pgSQL, Install and setup PostgreSQL securely and Work with administration     tasks such as user creation, cataloging, and backing up

4  PostgreSQL Administration training will also help you to learn how to build, query, administer, backup, and secure PostgreSQL


Recommended Pre-requisites: Basic experience in database administration

Duration : 5 days

Course Outline / Content :

  1.   Installing & Configuring PostgreSQL
  2.   Using the psql Client
  3.   Creating & Managing Views
  4.   Creating & Managing Indexes
  5.  Transactions and Concurrency
  6.   Managing Database Privileges
  7.   Access control with GRANT
  8.   PostgreSQLData Organization
  9.   Creating & Managing PostgreSQL Tablespacesand Databases


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