Detailed Profile of  Sushant Sinha

Sushant has versatile experience of over 9 years in different functions of business. He believes that training is one of the most important people enablement function. Enabled people are self starters who are an asset to any organization. Further, he also believes in the training methodology of taking the participants from known to unknown zone so that they can relate the concepts to the real world and apply their learning effectively.

In today’s age it is important to align training program to the business objectives from an organization’s perspective and Sushant has been instrumental in doing the same by using effective tools for training need analysis, designing content, delivery & evaluating the effectiveness of training by following different models.

1. Training Certifications

    • Academic
    • MBA (HR)
    • Professional
    • Six Sigma Black Belt Certification
    • ITIL Foundation Certified

2. Skill Set

    • Training and Support
    • Content writing
    • Quality
    • ITIL Implementation
    • System Analysis
    • HR &Payroll, Corporate Finance, Compliance
    • Operations Management
    • Team Management
    • Data Management

3. Organizations Asociated with

Hewitt Associates, Northern Marine ManagementCrisil LTD, Accenture

4. Process improvement Projects Handled

Project Particulars Project Objectives Project Gains Methodology Some of the approaches / tools used
NSIC Billing Loss Reduction. To Reduce the rejection of subsidy provided by NSIC on Rating fees of Small Scale Industries by 50% INR 34,00,000 saved annually.
DPMO was reduced from 28000 to 10000
DMAIC CTQ Tree,  Histogram, Normality test,  Hypothesis tests to establish improvement, FMEA, Control Charts
Reduction of interdepartmental Combo transfer losses To reduce the cross product revenue transfer losses by 80% within 3 months. INR 19,00,000 saved annually. DMAIC Histogram,
Cause & Effect, Benchmarking, SIPOC, HLPM, Leading/Lagging Indicators, Control Charts
Project to improve SLA adherences of Payroll Helpdesk To Improve SLA adherences from 89% to 100% Achieved SLA adherence of 98.7% DMAIC VOC, HLPM,DLPM, Pareto Diagram, Cause & Effect, Hypothesis testing, Pugh Matrix, CTQ Tree, Run Chart,  FMEA
Reduction of Losses on Account of unrealized TDS certificates from clients To reduce losses from 20% to 5% within 3 months INR 11,00,000 saved annually DMAIC VOP, Histogram, Hypothesis testing, Control plan validated, FMEA, Run Charts
Reduction of Debtors. To reduce the Collection expenses from 5% of revenue to 2% INR 8,00,000 saved annually. DMAIC SIPOC, Histogram, Cause & Effect, PICK Chart, FMEA, Run Chart.

5. Programs Conducted

    • Six Sigma Green Belt Training
    • Change Management
    • Problem Solving
    • Product Training
    • Application Training
    • Content writing
    • Miscellaneous Process Training – HR, Corporate Finance, ISO, Compliance, CRM.