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Learning Unit SD01: Introduction to service design

The purpose, goals and objectives of service design
The scope of service design
The business value of service design activities
The context of service design in the ITIL service lifecycle
Service design inputs and outputs and the contents and use of the service design package and
service acceptance criteria

Learning Unit SD02: Service design principles

Design service solutions related to a customer’s needs
Design and utilize the service portfolio to enhance business value
The measurement systems and metrics
Service design models to accommodate different service solutions

Learning Unit SD03: Service design processes

The interaction of service design processes
The flow of service design as it relates to the business and customer
The five design aspects and how they are incorporated into the service design process

Learning Unit SD04: Service design technology-related activities

Requirements engineering in the design process and utilizing the three types of requirements as identified for any system; functional, management/operations and usability
The design of technical architectures for data and information management, and application management

Learning Unit SD05: Organizing for service design

How to design, implement and populate a RACI diagram for any process that is within the scope of IT service management
The service design roles and responsibilities, where and how they are used and how a service design organization would be structured to use these roles

Learning Unit SD06: Technology considerations

Service design related service management tools, where and how they would be used
The benefits and types of tools that support service design

Learning Unit SD07: Implementation and improvement of service design

The six-stage implementation/improvement cycle and how the activities in each stage of the cycle are applied
How business impact analysis, service level requirements and risk assessment can affect service design solutions

Learning Unit SD08: Challenges, critical success factors and risks

Be able to provide insight and guidance for design challenges, risks and critical success factors

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