• ITIL is Information Technology Infrastructure Library
  • ITIL contains a comprehensive set of best practices that are used to develop and execute IT service management. It offers a number of benefits, including increased competitive advantage through cost reduction, growth, and agility; more business efficiency through streamlining of IT processes; enhanced IT value through business & IT operational and goal alignment; and improved internal customer & user satisfaction.
  • AXELOS® is the owner of ITIL and is a joint venture between Capita Inc & the Cabinet Office of the Government of UK. Capita® Inc outbid the competitors in 2013 to own the best practices portfolio.
  • The best practices are documented in 5 Core Books giving guidance and recommendations.
  • ITIL underwent an update n August 2011 to reflect technology changes.
  • ITIL stresses the need for a strong executive sponsor Implementing ITIL practices is a culture change initiative for most organizations.
  • ITIL is a set of approaches and best practices. It is a model for managing the whole IT service life-cycle. It is non-prescriptive
  • ITIL is a series of approaches and guidances in all areas of service management. Therefore, organizations can implement some or the entire overall model and can implement ITIL in stages

Three levels of recognized ITIL certification

ITIL Foundation

This level means you understand the terms and have a basic knowledge of the ITIL model. This is he most basic certification.

ITIL Intermediate

This level means that you understand the model to a degree necessary to apply the specific and correct ITIL processes where applicable for an Life-cycle or the Capability module.

ITIL Expert

The ITIL Expert level of qualification is aimed at those individuals who are interested in demonstrating a superior level of knowledge of the ITIL Scheme in its entirety. Achieving this level of ITIL qualification will benefit a candidate in both their personal and professional development, by aiding career advancement and progression within the IT Service Management field.


Who should attend the program

The ITIL ® Foundation course is designed for all those: who have some responsibility for the design, delivery, support or operation of IT services and who would benefit by obtaining a good general understanding of IT Service Management best practices.
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