Cloud Migration Assessment

To move to CLOUD or not?
If we do move, what to move and how to?

These are the crucial questions our clients need answering to.

At 4P we ask some more questions to enable our clients to take an informed decision. The questions do include:

  • How beneficial, in a longer term, is the Delivery and management Services to our clients?
  • The applications being used are customized or Out-of-the-box. How disruptive the movement and the later sustenance?
  • Which are the aspects which can be outsourced and which can be in-sourced?
  • Have we considered all the Security related aspects?
  • Is the bandwidth available good enough to manage the services in the future?
  • Is there a Business Continuity Option available for all crucial data/services?

We analyze the client environment comprehensively and evaluate the options to create more value by selecting the appropriate services and service providers.