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Organizations must continuously deliver products and services to satisfy customers and to survive.

Although they differ in goals and functions, Business Continuity Plans can be applied by all organizations. As a subset, a Disaster Recovery Plan deals with recovering Information Technology (IT) assets after a disastrous interruption. Both imply a stoppage in critical operations and are reactive.

Recognizing that some services or products must be continuously delivered (without interruption), is crucial to the Business Continuity Planning.

A business continuity plan enables critical services or products to be continually delivered to clients. Instead of focusing on resuming a business after critical operations have ceased, or recovering after a disaster, a business continuity plan endeavors to ensure that critical operations continue to be available.

At 4P we recognize the need for the Busines Continuity with an eye to the Business Centric, Robust and Practical use of the latest technology. The ability to create, implement and manage the Business Continuity along with the information resources sets us apart.